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Getting Around



J.P. Međunarodni aerodrom "Sarajevo" d.o.o. Sarajevo

Kurta Schorka 36

71210 Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Phone


Information for passengers: http://www.sia.ba/tour/tour.html

For more information visit www.sarajevo-airport.ba


Public transport

Sarajevo is well connected with different means of public transporation. Tram and trolleybus tickets are available at kiosks (single fare 1.60 KM) or in a tram/trolleybus (single fare 1.80 KM).


Map of public transport:




There are several taxi companies in Sarajevo operating on very competitive prices compared to European countries. Most companies start from 1.5 KM and charge 1 KM per kilometer.

Bare in mind that using service at International Airport Sarajevo Taxi Stand can be more expensive than hiring a taxi.

Yellow Taxi 66 35 55
Sarajevo Taxi 1515
Red Taxi 76 06 00
Samir & Emir Taxi 1516
Holand Taxi 080020234


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