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Day 1; 24 May



09:30-11:00 Responsible pricing workshop  [MFC] IFC Digital Finance & Data Workshop (by invitation)
11:30-13:30 Membership meeting + 2016 Borrow Wisely Campaign: Highlights and acknowledgments (followed by lunch for MFC members at 13:30 - 14:30)
16:00-16:30  Conference opening 
16:30-18:00 Plenary session: Horizon 2037: Fair Finance for All?
18:00-18:30  Award Ceremony: MFC Anniversary Awards
18:30 Anniversary Cake and Cocktail reception 



Responsible pricing workshop  [MFC]

We would like to invite you for a special pre-conference workshop and discussion on responsible pricing. Together we will explore what we mean by “responsible pricing”, what we can do as a sector to achieve our goals, and what each individual microfinance institution can do to ensure adequate and fair pricing.

Registration for the workshop is required. Please note that the priority will be given to MFC members

Kinga Dabrowska, Microfinance Centre (MFC), Poland

Pablo Antón Díaz, Centre for Financial Inclusion at Accion, USA
Ulan Diushebaev, MicroFinanza Rating, Kyrgyzstan


IFC Digital Finance & Data Workshop (by invitation)

The aim of this workshop is to provide microfinance institutions (MFIs) with the basics of digital financial services (DFS) implementation in MFIs, why DFS is important for MFIs, how to better leverage data for decision-making, and illustrate global models and examples for how MFIs interact with DFS.



Conference Opening

Mladen Ivanić, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nejira Nalić, MCF Mi-Bospo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cristian Jurma, Microfinance Centre (MFC), Romania
Slobodanka Veselinović, Client of MCO MIKRA, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Opening Plenary Session: Horizon 2037: Fair Finance for All?

We’re opening the conference with the big questions: namely how major sector developments over the past two decades will serve us in the coming two decades — and whether or not in 2037, we will be celebrating having finally reached full financial inclusion. In particular, we will discuss how technology is transforming financial systems, disrupting traditional banking and the foundations of our current social structures, including the role of governments.  We will debate the implications of the digital revolution, and how microfinance institutions can pro-actively embrace and leverage technology to provide valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and social enterprises.  We will also ask: is there a new role for socially-oriented microfinance?  We think so, and hope to provide some guidance and inspiration for practitioners to take an active role in imagining our collective future as a sector, and laying the groundwork for the milestones we will celebrate in time for our 40th anniversary.

Elvira Lefting, Finance in Motion, Germany

Rosalind Copisarow, MFC Founder, UK
Aleksandar Kremenović, MF Banka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Timothy Lyman, CGAP, USA
Kalin Radev, Software Group, Bulgaria
Ruth Goodwin-Groen, Better Than Cash Alliance, USA 


Conference Sponsors

Спонсоры конференции

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© 2017 GUARANT International
© 2017 GUARANT International